EggnWorks Art Notebook [Horses and roses] EW0109]

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This notebook won ISOT 30th STATIONERY OF THE YEAR award.

This notebook was introduced on the instagram of stationery sommelier Misato Kan.


Title: A horse and rose

Artist: Mayumi Sun

I drew a horse and a rose on the cover, and the back covers filled it up with a rose. In spring, can use it without asking a season; think that is designed. I pray a smile whenever I take it in a hand with the activeness to have of the flower and the lively youthfulness of horses when it can be.

〇 Bookbinding technique: Japanese binding / thread binding

〇 B6 (H182mm × W128mm)

〇 160 pages

〇 3mm grid

〇 made in Japan

〇 Manual binding

EggnWorks notebooks are carefully hand-bound one by one at the well-established special binding factory "Hakushodo".