A book that saves the world (nothing saving the world)

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A book that saves the world

Now the alarm for the global environment is ringing. Climate change due to global warming, water and resource abuse, pollution from wastes and chemicals, and marine pollution from microplastics are becoming a serious situation.

Meanwhile, the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, adopted at the UN Summit in September 2015, set 17 goals.
So I thought that this book could make the world a better place.
Books, notebooks, and paper are used by us, and then collected as used paper and returned to paper. In other words, paper is a sustainable material as well as a sustainable material.
Also, even if it is incinerated, it will not lead to an increase in carbon dioxide due to the concept of carbon neutral, and if it is left in the natural world, it will eventually decompose and return to soil.
In other words, the book (paper) is a very environmentally friendly material, so it is a small step, but I think this book will be one book that saves the world, and the title of the work is A book that saves the world (1 Book).

This diagonal line expresses the colors of the 17 items set for SDGs as a stripe in an iconic manner, and when you open the book and look at the front and back covers, you can see the book from a bird's eye view.
In addition, this line is designed to be a pattern when products are lined up in a store. The patterns are arranged alternately on the front and back to create a zigzag pattern or on the front and back to create a playful design. It might be interesting to try making shapes at home after purchasing, just like a puzzle.

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