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EggnWorks Art Notebook [Adventure] EW0120

EggnWorks Art Notebook [Adventure] EW0120

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This notebook won ISOT 30th STATIONERY OF THE YEAR award.

This notebook was introduced on the instagram of stationery sommelier Misato Kan.


Author of this work: Mami Ueno

Message to the work:

If you go on an adventure in the wide world, the first thing you need is.
vehicle for him.
I want to ride exciting adventures and even more exciting rides.
Every time a new adventure is found, he prepares for it by creating a new vehicle.

I drew this in hopes that every time I opened it in my notebook, someone would make some exciting preparations.
I would be happy if you could use it while decorating it like a picture book in a frame.

Comments from EggnWorks:

It makes you feel like you are embarking on an adventure in a fantasy world.
I am strongly attracted to vehicles that look retro but seem to be packed with advanced technology.
Also, by providing a picture frame, you can receive it as if you are remembering the past adventure.

〇 Cover: Hard Cover

〇 Bookbinding technique: Japanese binding / thread binding

〇 B6 (H182mm × W128mm)

〇 160 pages

〇 3mm grid

〇 made in Japan

〇 Manual binding

EggnWorks notebooks are carefully hand-bound one by one at the well-established special binding factory "Hakushodo".

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