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EggnWorks Art Goshuin Book Stamp Book [GOSHUIN MUSUBI] EW0116

EggnWorks Art Goshuin Book Stamp Book [GOSHUIN MUSUBI] EW0116

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Received the ISOT 30th Japan Stationery Award in the Design category.

EggnWorks エッグンワークス 文具大賞

Introduced on Instagram Live by stationery sommelier Misato Kan.


Visiting temples and shrines and memories of taste

Not to mention the excitement of touching tradition,
Along with pictures of the delicious meals we had at the site,
Record your experience.

〇 Includes a slit for inserting L size photos
〇 24 faces
〇Made in Japan

Application category: [1st open call for participants] Cover design of the stamp book

Author of this work: Pase Rikaho

Message to the work:

[Japanese food] is the theme
I tried to draw "Omusubi".
Since it is "Omusubi", people who use the stamp book
We hope that you will visit many shrines, meet people, and create a circle of people and things.

If you would like to pick up this work
Triggered by [GOSHUIN MUSUBI]
The gods, the shrine, the organizers, and Paserikaho. smile

I pray that you will be tied in many circles.
Thank you very much.

Comments from the EggnWorks judges:

Goshuincho has many traditional patterns and austere designs, but this work is full of pop.

A unique character appears, and it is like a picture book frame, and the cuteness of the expression is excellent.
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