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The notebook is just white paper at first. That's why there are infinite possibilities, so I chose "Infinity" as the theme and "Infinity" as the title in English. What you write and draw is free and infinite. I think the imagination of people who think about it is endless. The person who paints thinks about the hue and composition, the person who creates the song thinks about the melody, the lyrics suddenly come to mind ... All of them are thinking, imagining. In order to make that imagination materialize like a plant, the imagination of the person who uses the notebook becomes branches and leaves, flowers bloom, and one day, a beautiful bouquet can be made with that flower, oneself's infinite possibilities I thought that it would be nice if it could be a notebook that could help with that, so I drew a plant on the hair of a person on the cover. I thought that the sea and the universe still have many mysteries and are the motifs that give birth to many imaginations, so I adopted the sea as the person's skirt and the universe as the background of the cover.

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