Things I Never Should Have Said



An average person speaks at least 7000 words per day. That is 2,555,000 words a year, give or take. That is 178,850,000 words in a lifetime, on average. And out of those words, at least a fifth of them is regretted. At least a half is forgotten, and some, forever remembered. Some we wish to forget.

This notebook serves as a reminder of the things we shouldn’t have said. Words that shouldn’t have left our mouths, and things that can’t be taken back.

How many relationships have suffered from words alone . Confessions that shouldn’t have been made; words that weren’t allowed to be spoken. This notebook can store memories and secrets without judgement. It is a note to self, reminding people of the opportunities they now tear themselves apart for, but this notebook doesn’t judge you. It prompts you to remember that you had enough courage to say those words in the first place.

A Russian saying “a word isn’t a sparrow ? if it flies away you can’t catch it” supports the true meaning behind this notebook. It will store your regrets and mistakes which you do not have to apologise for, but at the same time guides you towards understanding that there is a way to control your words.