EggnWorks Art Notebook [小夜時雨 Early night rain] EW0111


Scheduled to be released on October 30, 2020.

We are accepting pre-orders.

Title: Early night rain

Artist: Tagata Gabriel

Regarding the explanation of the title, the reading is "Sayo Shigure". The meaning is "light rain that stops and stops at night." And as you can see in my work, I like contrastingly. I like the contrasts such as "day and night, women and men, sunny and rain" and I love it. I think it is difficult to give one title to two such comparable works. I thought about various titles. And it was this "nighttime rain" that fits both well. With this, I was able to explain that "it rains at night. Put an umbrella at dusk" on the cover, but this title has another meaning. You can understand the meaning by reading "as is". "Rain in a little night". This explains the back cover. From a foreigner's point of view, the scenery of rain in Japan is so beautiful that I made it a picture of rain. Regarding the explanation of the work itself, first, the cover page is "a girl holding an umbrella early because it seems to rain at night" and the back cover is an illustration of "a boy drinking coffee while watching the evening rain."

〇 Cover: Hard cover

〇 Bookbinding technique: Japanese binding / thread binding

〇 B6 (H182mm × W128mm)

〇 160 pages

〇 3mm grid

〇 made in Japan

〇 Manual binding

EggnWorks notebooks are made by the well-established special bookbinding " Hakushodou ". Each book is carefully bound by hand.