Here's a poem written by me to explain this euphoric female:
"Be yourself", they say
But what if I'm still a clay
Eating ice creams in may
Drinking coffee night and day

Clammy and me
How different can this analogy be
Well let's see
If rivet rhymes with me

Trying to fit in
Like a typical teen
"You are just sixteen"
Trying to squeeze between

This sketch is about the blissful and golden teenage memories encased in glass. It is a nostalgic art which is silky and pristine, like a soft swirl of vanilla ice cream. The beauty is in stasis, sealed with a declaration: ‘We’ll be young forever.’ It is all about recreating the thrill of young love. It nurtures the mutual fascination with the adolescent state of mind. While drawing this, I thought about my friends sitting around at parties, giddy even just thinking about boys. Back when sex and love were still mysterious and magical. This art exudes this euphoric feeling because everybody remembers what their teenage dreams were - all the girls that were on your poster walls.