A notebook has the role as "noted place".
When a notebook is opened, its role is shown.

But when they hear "notebook", most people imagine a cover of the notebook one once used.
That may be because the one in closed time is longer than time when a notebook is opened.

When a notebook is closed, a person turns his attention to a substance as a notebook, not the function of the notebook.
The contents are maintained, but a cover of the notebook starts to make the sense of "A notebook is a notebook." "owner of a notebook" "The use of the notebook (For Japanese? For mathematics?)" etc. by repetition of our experience. I felt the similarity with the peel in the workings of these covers.

When saying "Please imagine apple.", not processed apple, but "round and red apple" is imagined.
When saying "Please imagine an orange.", not a processed orange, but "it's round, and, orange orange" is imagined.
A cover and peel, from the contents, it's a little one of the mass, but we memorize the surface and make it an image of the whole substance.
Interest was felt in the sense and it was made the design of this cover.

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