Discover hidden talents, bring them to the world. EggnWorks is the cloudfunding platform for artists.

EggnWorks notebooks are made from the artworks of many artists. The artworks selected by the general vote are reproduced on the cover.

Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination.

The EggnWorks project started with this famous word by Vincent van Gogh. Anyone can put out their own work,  anyone can easily challenge without high hurdles, and if you have talent, even if you are little-known, they can make your work public through the crowdfunding process. Our mission is to create a world where everyone can participate in manufacturing.

eggnworks app -artist registration-

For you who aim to commercialize your work


Artist registration

Install the smartphone app "eggnworks" (scheduled to be released in October 2020) and register as an artist using the invitation code enclosed in the egggnworks product (scheduled to be released in October 2020). Eleven works have been decided to be commercialized at the previous open call for participants event, and are scheduled to be released in October 2020. We are currently accepting pre-orders.


Post your work

After registering as an artist, post your work and let everyone see it. Let's interact with each other more and more. Discover artists with a good feeling.


Receive support / reservation

Accept pre-orders while interacting with the work. (Commercialization will be decided when the default number of reservations for one work is collected)


Product commercialization

100% commercialized when the prescribed reservation support is gathered. After the product is released, people other than those who have made a reservation can purchase it at the online shop or over-the-counter.