About payment

Credit card

【Handling card】
The card handling is as follows.
All credit card companies accept a lump sum payment.


Bank transfer

【Payment address】Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kyoto branch (shop number: 496) local 9434216 name: tag stationery Co., Ltd.) tag stationery

After you place your order, we will send you an email to inform you of your payment.
After confirming the payment status, the shipping procedure will begin.
Please confirm the amount stated in the payment information e-mail and pay.
If you cannot confirm your payment within 14 days, we will automatically cancel your order.
Please check the website of the financial institution you are using for the handling time of the transfer in advance.If you are unable to make a transfer at a bank counter, such as during consecutive holidays, please make a transfer at an ATM or online banking.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

※Please pay from the account of the order Holder Name.If you have paid in the name other than the person who ordered, you may not be able to confirm the payment.

Convenience store post-payment settlement


About NP postpayment
○Details of this payment method
After confirming the arrival of the product, please use"convenience store","post office","Bank"and"Line Pay".
It is a safe and easy payment method that can be paid later.The invoice is separate from the goods
Since it will be mailed, please pay within 14 days from issue.
○Please note
Deferred payment fees:£ 209
For post-payment orders, please contact net Protection Co., Ltd.
NP postpaid service applies and provides personal information within the scope of the service、
We will transfer the payment receivables.The usage limit is up to 55,000 yen (tax included) on the cumulative balance.
Please click the banner for details.
If the user is a minor, please obtain the consent of the legal representative.

Cash on delivery

【Supplier】Sagawa Express
●We will inform you the total amount of payment by e-mail after the order.
●Please pay the price to the delivery person at the time of receipt of the delivered product.

【Cash on delivery fee table】

Total product price Cash on delivery fee
~ 9999 yen 330 yen
10000 ~ 29999 yen 440 yen
30000 ~ 99999 yen 660 yen
100000 ~ 299999 yen 1100 yen

Consumption tax for cash on delivery fee This price includes sales tax
Cash on Delivery Company designation Courier service(Sagawa Express)


Only customers with a PayPal account can use it. If you want to add an item or number of orders, you need to order again.Please note.
How to pay with PayPal
When you press the button to confirm your order, you will be asked to complete the payment procedure.
Payment fees are free.
※It is not available for orders over 100 million yen (tax included).
*If you do not have a PayPal account, please create a PayPal account.

About delivery

Traceable Mail Mail

【Contractor】 Japan Post
【Delivery service name】Yu packet

[Timing of product shipment】
If you do not specify any particular、
Bank transfer, convenience store settlement (prepayment) ⇒after payment confirmation, we will ship within 3 business days.
Credit card settlement, Post-Payment settlement ⇒after the order is confirmed, we will ship within 3 business days.

【Shipping fee list】 Nationwide flat fee: 350 yen

Consumption tax for shipping This price includes sales tax.
Treatment of remote islands Remote island, some areas may cost additional postage.

【From order to delivery】

1) after your order, an"order confirmation email"will be sent automatically.
The rates listed here are for domestic use.

2) we will send you an e-mail with formal pricing information directly from our shop.
Please check the price.

3) after payment is confirmed, we will ship the item.

Delivery period is approximately from shipment3It's a business day.、
Please note that it may be delayed due to customs clearance conditions.

About consumption tax

All prices are tax-free.

Returns, exchanges and cancellations

Except for defective products, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience.
Please confirm the product sufficiently before the purchase.

■About cancellation before sending order confirmation email

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible.
In the case of bank or postal transfer, please contact us before payment.
In the case of credit card payment or cash on delivery、
We will prepare for delivery as soon as we confirm your order, so we may not be able to cancel your order after sending you an order confirmation email.

※ In case you could not make payment within 1 week after ordering by bank transfer or postal transfer、
Please note that it will be treated as a cancellation automatically.

■ About the cancellation of the order after the product dispatch

・Damaged or defective products
Please tell us about the damaged or defective condition、
We will replace it after confirmation.
Sorry to trouble you.、
Within 1 week after the arrival of the goods e-mail or call to say that the damage or defect
Please contact us.
* If it has passed more than 1 Week, we may not be able to accept it

- After opening, the product after use, or the case according to the customer's convenience
We are very sorry, but we cannot accept it.
Please confirm the size, color, quantity, etc. well on the occasion of purchase.

[Invalidation of contracts based on errors】
Although we pay close attention to the information and prices of products posted on this site, the information and prices on this site may differ from the actual results due to human error.
In that case, we are very sorry,but we may cancel your order by our judgment based on Article 95 of the Civil Code"invalid contract based on error".If it has already been shipped, we may be able to respond to the return and refund.Please note in advance.