EggnWorks エッグンワークス アートノートブック

Hand binding

EggnWorks notebooks are carefully bound one by one by hand using japanese traditional binding technic.

Japanese skilled craftsman makes it.

EggnWorks エッグンワークス アートノートブック

LetterPress Printing

There is something to convey, so We work on each one and print them. Perhaps the appeal of letterpress printing is that you can feel the body temperature of the craftman involved. The unevenness of paper caused by printing pressure is one of the charms of letterpress printing.

EggnWorks エッグンワークス アートノートブック

Flat Opening

No matter where you open it, it will open 180 degrees horizontally. There are no obstructive rings. so you can write firmly on the inside. It is the ideal form of a notebook that makes writing stress-free.

EggnWorks エッグンワークス アートノートブック

Pale Cream Kinmari `Paper

``Pale Cream Kinmari'' is a paper used for notebooks, etc. It is also suitable for books because of its excellent printability and high opacity. The basic cream color is easy on the eyes and gives a soft impression. Suitable for writing with fountain pens, ballpoint pens, pencils, etc.

EggnWorks エッグンワークス アートノートブック

Virko Printing

Virko printing is a technique in which resin powder is applied to the surface of the printed material and then heat-treated to transform it into transparent ridges. When processed on top of the printed pattern, the printed part will appear raised.