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EggnWorks Art Notebook [Shadow] EW0108

EggnWorks Art Notebook [Shadow] EW0108

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This notebook won ISOT 30th STATIONERY OF THE YEAR award.

This notebook was introduced on the instagram of stationery sommelier Misato Kan.


Title: Shadow

Artist: Momoka Yoshida

Inspired by Somerset Maumme's Moon and Sixpence. The two sides of the cover and the back cover of the book were expressed in the shadow with six pence likened to the moon.

〇 Bookbinding technique: Japanese binding / thread binding

〇 B6 (H182mm × W128mm)

〇 160 pages

〇 3mm grid

〇 made in Japan

〇 Manual binding

EggnWorks notebooks are carefully hand-bound one by one at the well-established special binding factory "Hakushodo".

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