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EggnWorks エッグンワークス TAGSTATIONERY 日本文具大賞2021 ISOT岡田 菜友子

Title: Colors

Author name: Nayuko Okada

I designed this notebook because I wanted a notebook that was simple and bold, and that would make you feel good when you use it. Another point is that it comes in a color that can be used by both men and women! Modeled after overseas tiles.

The special processing on the cover uses "barco processing" on the illustration frame, and is also sprinkled with glitter.

〇Cover: Lamé barco processing

〇 Bookbinding technique: German binding (Japanese binding/thread binding)

〇Horizontal opening type


〇Writing paper: Light cream Kinmari B size <70>

〇160 pages

〇3mm grid

〇Made in Japan

〇Manual binding

Each EggnWorks notebook is carefully bound by hand using a exposed spine binding technic.

〇Writing paper: Light cream kinmari

``Pale Cream Kinmari'' is a paper used for notebooks, etc. It is also suitable for books because of its excellent printability and high opacity. The basic cream color is easy on the eyes and gives a soft impression.

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