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[NEW] Sunny Town アートノートブック

[NEW] Sunny Town アートノートブック

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The cover is made of mulberry paper (Japanese washi paper).
Each book has a different texture of Japanese paper.

Artist: Kaoru Wakabayashi

Message for the work:

The sunny town is full of cheerful and lively people.

The weather is fine for three days every weekend, and the residents spend a fulfilling weekend camping

in nearby fields and lakes, playing baseball and tennis.

There are people who spend their weekends looking forward to going shopping with their families

harvesting and sowing seeds in their home vegetable gardens.

It always rains in this town once a week. It's also a quiet rain that takes a rainbow.

They will build a big bridge that shines in seven colors and slowly wet the whole town.

It pours a gentle rain on flowerbeds and watering holes for birds.

When the rain stops, the sun peeks through the gaps in the clouds

illuminating every nook and cranny of the city with its usual smile.

In spring, it becomes the sunlight that speaks to the sprouts.For the children during the summer vacation

the strong sunlight burns their skin to a tan color.

In the afternoon of the early spring day, even if the north wind makes the cats and their parents sleepy

on the porch, and the dry leaves sway, signaling the coming of a harsh winter.

The sun stays with this town all year round and brings us happiness-colored light.

〇Cover: Kozoshi paper hardcover

〇 Bookbinding technique: German binding (Japanese binding/thread binding)

〇Horizontal opening type


〇Writing paper: Light cream Kinmari B size <70>

〇160 pages

〇3mm grid

〇Made in Japan

〇Manual binding

Each EggnWorks notebook is carefully bound by hand using a exposed spine binding technic.

[文具女子博in大阪2023にて先行販売・本リリース2023年5月16日] EggnWorks エッグンワークス アートノートブック [Adventure] EW0120 和綴じ製本ノート 糸綴じ製本ノート ドイツ装ノート TAG STATIONERY タグステイショナリー

〇Writing paper: Light cream kinmari

``Pale Cream Kinmari'' is a paper used for notebooks, etc. It is also suitable for books because of its excellent printability and high opacity. The basic cream color is easy on the eyes and gives a soft impression.

[文具女子博in大阪2023にて先行販売・本リリース2023年5月16日] EggnWorks エッグンワークス アートノートブック [Adventure] EW0120 和綴じ製本ノート 糸綴じ製本ノート ドイツ装ノート TAG STATIONERY タグステイショナリー
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