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Memories of visiting temples and shrines and tasting food

Not only is it exciting to experience tradition, but
Along with photos of the delicious meals we received locally,
Let's record your experience.

leporello book 
With slit for inserting L size photo
24 pages
Paper: Hosho paper
Made in Japan

Artist name: Paseri Kaho

Message for the work:

[Japanese food] is the theme.
I tried drawing a "rice ball".
Because it is a ``gomusubi'', people who use the goshuincho
I prayed that I would visit many shrines, meet people, and connect people and things.

The person who picks up this work
In the wake of [GOSHUIN MUSUBI]
God, the shrine, the organizer, and Paseri Kahomo. lol

I pray that we will be connected in many circles.
Thank you for your support.
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